Why Connect?

Connect Oshawa: Shaping Oshawa, Together.

Connect Oshawa introduces new and innovative online tools to improve our online conversations with you. These online tools will allow those of you who are unable to attend our face-to-face meetings the opportunity to weigh in on the projects and initiatives that you care about, at your convenience.

Registering is easy, confidential, and helps you stay in the loop! Upon registering, you will create a username and password, and will be asked for three things:
  1. Your email; so that we can stay in touch! We’ll let you know how projects you’ve provided feedback on are developing as well as inform you of future  opportunities that may be of interest.
  2. Your postal code; so that we can ensure you are aware of feedback opportunities that specifically affect your neighbourhood.
  3. Your date of birth; so that we can ensure that you are of the age of majority, or have consent from your parent/guardian to be active and providing input on the website.
So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to connect; let’s shape Oshawa together! Register today.

What is community engagement?

Community engagement refers to a range of activities that facilitate and support the contribution of ideas and insights from you. Your input will allow us to make decisions that are informed and reflective of your concerns and needs.

What is the City of Oshawa’s guiding principles of community engagement?

  • Respectful: all voices matter. Please keep an open-mind and be polite when interacting with other users.

  • Transparent: this process will be open, objective, easy to understand, and accessible.

  • Accountable: your role will be defined, and the feedback you provide will always be considered. We’ll let you know how you made a difference on each project.

  • Inclusive: everyone is welcome, and encouraged to participate.

  • Timely: we’ll get you involved as soon as possible so that you have the opportunity learn about the initiative, and provide an educated opinion.

  • Continuous Improvement: we’ll always be reviewing and analyzing our methods to improve future engagement opportunities.