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Water Week at Vincent Massey

by kmoffatt,

After learning so many things about the benefits of drinking water, the water student leaders at Vincent Massey planned a week of activities to bring this information to the rest of the school. During the last week of November, they surveyed the classes to find out which fruits people would like the most in their water and based on the results, it was determined that watermelon, raspberry and mango were the favourites. So for three days at lunch and recesses in December, the water leaders sold fruit-infused water to students and staff. The money they raised was donated to Simcoe Hall Settlement House. Also at lunch, the water leaders handed out ballots to students drinking water and those students were entered into a daily draw to win one of the Water Does Wonders reusable water bottles. The last day of the week, the student leaders planned and lead a day of water-related events called the Last Splash. Students from grades 1-8 rotated through three activities. The first activity was a dance station lead by a teacher and the Dance Team. The second activity was a Red, Yellow, Green Light game that helped students learn about drinks that are always good to drink, sometimes good to drink, and drinks that should be avoided. The last station involved our water student leaders and our Public Health Nurse educating the participants about how much sugar was in various drinks using sugar cubes and different drink containers. The water student leaders did a fabulous job informing our school about the benefits of drinking water. What’s up next? In February, they are planning to bring this information to the Kindergarten classes at Vincent Massey.

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