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Sherwood's Water Squad!

by amohns,

Sherwood Public School – Water Squad Team

Sherwood Public School’s Water Team started bringing messages about reducing sugar-sweetened beverages and drinking water to their school community right away!

In November, the team set up an interactive display at the Healthy Bodies Healthy Minds family health night at their school. The display showed how much sugar is in common drinks such as pop, juice, and sports drinks. Over 100 parents and students attended the event.

In December, the water team was hard at work promoting the importance of drinking water with students and staff through school wide announcements, putting up posters around the school, and giving out buttons to students that they saw drinking water. They also placed intentional posters in specific spots to speak to the students throughout the day.

Throughout the month of December, the Water Team created a skit in which a young soccer player was deciding between drinking a sports drink or water after a game. To go along with the skit, the group created an activity that used the traffic light rule for which drinks they should drink more often (green light), less often(yellow light) and rarely or never (red light). The activity tested students’ knowledge of the traffic light rules while also incorporating a physical activity component to get students up and moving in the classroom. Green light drinks students would run on the spot, Yellow drinks they would walk on the spot, and red light drinks would remain in a frozen position). The students on the Water Team brought the skit and activity to each of the 17 classrooms from kindergarten to grade 3 during the first three weeks of January.

Next steps! The Water Team wants to make sure they get their message across to every grade in the school. Starting in February they plan continue lessons/skits for grade 4-6, and fro grade 7-8 will show students what is in pop. The team, with the assistance of their science teacher, will melt down pop to show what is left after boiling it down, an experience they want to witness, not just watch on the internet.

Finally, the Water Team has been collecting data to determine the class in each division who participates in using reusable water bottles each day. After a few random checks during Water Bottle Wednesday, they will be able to reward one class from each division a prize of a NEW reusable water bottle.

We value our friends health!

We know what's right!

We can make a difference in our community - even using small steps!

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