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Posted on behalf of: The St. Kateri Water Team

by kmoffatt,
What We've Done

Our team works during literacy time to discuss our plans.We've planned announcements, contests, and prize distribution, and we've evenorganized a few game shows! We have also met up with a nurse, and discussed thingswe'll need for the show.

What We're Yet To Do

We still have to present our game show, and we need to startwater week, which includes a poster contest, and announcements. At our gameshow for grades K-6, we'll giveout flavoured water recipes for anyone who wants them. This gameshow will be at our school's healthand wellness fair, so we'll go through each grade easily.

Our Goal

We want to make sure our school knows about how unhealthysugary drinks are, and that water is better to drink by making it fun andengaging.

By a Grade 6 student,member of the St. Kateri Water Team

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