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Coronation Shares the News That Water Does Wonders

by T Symons,

On December 1st, our Water Does Wonders team stayed late to present at our Math Night for parents. Greeting our guests with samples of infused water, the team then gave water bottles to students and explained how much sugar is in the beverages we drink. There was an activity where kids and their parents could match the sugar to the drink and information posters with facts galore.

Near that station was our Health Nurse who helped parents sign up for the Healthy Family Challenge. At that station there was information about the contest, prizes and laptops so they could sign up right there.

Since then, our team has investigated the cost of adding a second bottle filling station to our school. Due to the design of the school, there is only one station on one side of the school. An entire hallway is too far to use it on a regular basis. Unfortunately the cost of adding another bottle filling station is prohibitive.

We also sent home the Family Challenge papers with our primary and junior students, gave buttons to primary students and provided some of the intermediate students with the remaining reusable bottles.

Now we are working on creating our own Water Does Wonders presentation. Our team is ready to sing that catchy song! They will be going to primary classrooms, doing a skit and then presenting age-appropriate information about the sugar content of beverages other than water. After they present, we will be sending home information about choosing water.

In addition, we are ordering metal reusable water bottles with our school logo. Order forms will be sent home with the students who have had our presentation, followed by the rest of the school. Combined with a display of our schools single-use water bottles, we are hoping to change the culture of our school. We want to be a school where everyone drinks water all day, using reusable water bottles!

Our last goal is to present at our Fun Fair in June. We would like to have a booth and have infused water to share along with helpful reminders to drink water!

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