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Clara Hughes Does Wonders

by Backman,

In the month of November we ran a water bottle flipping challenge in each phys ed class. Flipping a water bottle was a very popular thing to do at our school until it was banned. We gave the students the opportunity to show off their skill however in the gym. The students would compete against their grade level with the top 8 from each grade winning a water bottle that was provided from the city. It worked extremely well, as the students got to be competitive and win a prize at the end. The water bottles have been seen now all over the school, as those students who won use them on a daily basis. In the month of December during our Primary assembly in the evening, our students who attended the Water Does Wonders convention set up the sugar shocker station for students and parents to see. The students also handed out the "Take the Challenge Oshawa" flyers to each parent who walked in to our jam packed gym. Parents were very interested and intrigued with the truth behind how much sugar their son/daughter consume in the drinks they have on a regular basis.In January we held a mental wellness expo where vendors across Oshawa came to our school promoting mental wellness. We set up a Water Does Wonders station where we set up the sugar shocker and also used a Plinko board where students had the chance to win a button, or a ballot for a chance to win a water bottle. We also had a special guest attend, Clara Hughes herself. She walked around the expo and even took part in the stations. Our students have continued to research facts about water and read them over the announcements on a daily basis. I

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