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Beau Valley Public School Leaders Showcase the Benefits of Drinking Water Every Day

by Beau Valley Public School Water Does Wonders Team,

Beau Valley Public School Leaders showcased the benefits of water in their Water Does Wonders school action plan

Student leaders at Beau Valley Pubic School attended the student leadership conference on November 15 and learned how they could share the message to drink more water and become change-makers in their school. When they came back to school they worked with their teacher –leader Mr. Garey and school nurse to plan several activities to share what they learned. They created a sugar shocker display in the hallway to illustrate how water was a healthier choice over juice, pop and other sugar sweetened drinks. They also planned a sugar shocker assembly in which they created an interactive presentation and taught students about the risks of drinking sugary drinks and the benefits of drinking water. They created a school Mascot for the assembly too. They visited every class in the school to see who had reusable water bottles and used them at school. The class with the least usage was given water bottles to promote drinking water from the tap, fountain or water station. A water bottle flipping contest also happened to begin fundraising for a second filling station for the school. The student leaders are still working to promote water and have ideas to promote water and give prizes at upcoming school events including track and field day and play-day. It was a fun learning experience which engaged the entire school and encouraged more water consumption.

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