Concept 3
Concept 3 includes a renovation of the entire existing building and new construction of multiple additions, including a fourth floor, creating a 25,000sq.ft. Cultural Hub. Architectural diagram shows an exterior birds-eye view of the existing Arts Resource Centre off of Queen St. with new added features including outdoor event space, workshop courtyard, new building entrance along Queen St with welcoming lobby, outdoor space and terraced garden connected to indoor studio, signage, wayfinding, and public art, and dedicated space for community organizations and groups. Beside this diagram is conceptual floor plans that show there will be space for an auditorium (200 seats), gallery/flexible event space, studios/workshops, admin/offices, service spaces, corridor, washrooms, and café/lounge. Precedent images show what kind of spaces will be included: • Larger dedicated gallery, studios, and event space for diverse programming. Precedent photo of Jewellery Workshop at Studio KW, Kitchener, showing a large room with specialized artist equipment. • Expanded auditorium theatre with new dedicated rehearsal room. Precedent image of K’Allende Performance Hall, France, showing a small room with natural light and high ceilings with three people playing musical instruments. • Permanent spaces for community arts and culture organizations. Precedent image of 401 Richmond, Toronto, showing a large open room with brick walls and multiple desks and chairs for office use, people are sitting and working on laptops. • Welcoming lobby with cafe and lounge area for collaborative activities. Precedent image of North Loop Gallery, Minnesota, showing a wide open lounge area with multiple tables and chairs that people are sitting at while drinking coffee.