Concept 1
Concept 1 includes a renovation of the entire existing building, creating a 12,000sq.ft. Cultural Hub. Architectural diagram shows an exterior birds-eye view of the existing Arts Resource Centre off of Queen St. with new added features including a workshop that opens up to a new outdoor space, improved entrance, and signage, wayfinding, and public art. Beside this diagram is conceptual floor plans that show there will be space for an auditorium (150 seats), gallery/flexible event space, studios/workshops, admin/offices, service spaces, corridor, and washrooms. Precedent images show what kind of spaces will be included: • Flexible and adaptable studios for visual arts programming. Precedent photo of NB20°5 indoor/outdoor studio, New Brunswick, showing small simple open artist studio space with a garage-like door that opens up to an extended outdoor space. • An open multi-use gallery that doubles as a shared event space. Precedent photo of Small Arms Inspection Building, Mississauga, showing large open gallery space with natural light, a wall for hanging art, and art installations displayed in the middle of the room. • A restored and refreshed exterior with an improved entrance. Archive image in black and white of the original building design of 45 Queen St. Oshawa, showing more windows and a different front entrance. • New interior spaces with an open lobby and expanded corridors. Precedent image of Daniels Spectrum, Toronto, showing a large wide hallway with art on the walls.