Mural B
Message from the artist, Kristen Sali: My mural design is inspired by Gustav Klimt’s paintings ‘tree of life’ and ‘kiss’. The background is to be an all over colour of a cool gold, with trees inspired from Klimt’s ‘tree of life’ to be placed at each hump of the wall. Within the background are motifs from the ‘kiss’, patterns from the dress the figures are wearing. The sky will be littered all about with black and white rectangles, in various sizes; some filled in and some not filled in. These rectangles will be created with a hard edge to give it a precise clean look. Within the sky there will also be these ‘blobs’ floating about that are on either side of the trees. These ‘blobs’ will be from the dress the woman is wearing in the ‘kiss’, circles that have rings of colour in random patterns within them. This is to create a burst of colour and tie in shapes into the mural. In the foreground, in a figurative style for active movement, there will be people of Oshawa walking about the scene. The shading will be hard, to allow for them to stand out against the background and be in colour. The lines used to make the figures will give an active abstract touch, as desired from the survey.